Best Places to Buy the HCG Diet?

Best Places to Buy the HCG Diet?

Today there are thousands of Diet Programs to choose from. So why the HCG Diet? Simply Stated:Because it works! During your quest to lose weight and become more healthy, you may have already tried diet programs that didn't work. You are looking for someting else that really does help you lose weight and keep it off. You may have a friend of family member who has had great success with the HCG Diet and so you now find yourself at our website wondering if the HCG Diet is right for you?

The HCG Diet is not an empty promise, it is your solution to easy and affordable weight loss


We sincerely hope you find this Hcg diet plan information encouraging enough for you to take action and try it yourself? I’ve tried many diets in the past, but nothing has worked for me, at least not permanently. However, the Hcg diet is a whole different story and this is why I’d like to share this with you.

Here’s how it all began with this HCG diet…

Hcg diet author, a British doctor, Dr Simeons, discovered the HCG diet in 1954. Prior to this he had spent years trying to understand what caused obesity. He viewed obesity as a disorder and rather than looking at overeating as a cause, he considered it the result.

In reality this means:

  • If you are obese you will quickly accumulate fat whether you eat normally or excessively.
  • If you are not obese, you will never become overweight even if you eat excessively.

His research conclude that there were 3 different types of fat stored within the body:

  • Structural fat, which is stored between the organs
  • Normal fat, which is available freely as fuel when needed
  • Abnormal fat, which is locked away and cannot be used by the metabolism until all other fat has been burnt

Human chorionic gonadotropin
Diet trends, weight loss diets, low carb diets and fads come and go, as we seek a diet plan, the diet, a way to help us shed unwanted pounds and inches, but a fat loss diet like HCG diet has no equal.

Diets don’t usually work for people with abnormal fat stores because they don’t lose the right kind of fat while dieting.

This diet works at the metabolic level to discharge these stores into the bloodstream so that they can be used as fuel, and this is why a low calorie diet MUST accompany the HCG diet plan .

HCG Diet Reviews – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

The initials (HCG) stand for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone produced in large amounts by pregnant women to control metabolic functions.
HCG diet
So how will the HCG diet help you lose body fat?

According to Dr. Simeons, the HCG diet will reduce your craving for food and metabolize stored fat.

With the help of the HCG diet, you will…

  • Not experience irritability
  • Not experience headaches
  • Not experience weakness or hunger pains as with other low calorie diets


  • You will lose abnormal fat
  • You will reshape your body
  • You will look the way you are supposed to

HCG diet works, regardless of whether you exercise or not!

And if you follow the diet plan correctly you will not lose muscle mass or retain your extra large skin either, as the reshaping will also shrink “double chins” and “chicken necks”.

The original HCG diet reviews

The original HCG diet protocol involved a low calorie diet and a series of HCG diet injections. There has been a great deal of controversy as to whether it is best administered by injection or by mouth. However, oral HCG (under the tongue) mimics the injection and either way you are ingesting the same hormone.

A word of warning:

Dr. Simeons said there were no known HCG diet dangers or HCG side effects, but there are different types of HCG hormone and you should be aware that some of those HCG hormones are not the best choice to make!

Either with Hcg injections or with the HCG drops (sublingual – drops under the tongue) losing weight, as far as I know, has never before been this easy and this fat loss diet has no equal. So far, no one could show me any diet that comes even close to this diet. So, if you know any other diet out there that works better and faster than this diet, please let me know in the comments below, I’d really like to hear about it, seriously!

Are there any HCG diet dangers?

Of course there will be skeptics who will tell you that this diet is dangerous or doesn’t work, however this method has more than fifty years of research behind it.

If you want to learn more about the potential HCG diet side effects , why not download FREE eBook (see above) where you can learn from the source? And by browsing this website, you can find additional diet resources, information, diet tips, the latest news and some tempting HCG diet recipes .

HCG Diet Plan

If you are interested in trying the hcg diet plan, then you have probably heard people talk about hcg diet dangers. These dangers are mostly myths. The hcg diet injections work safely, but need to be done by a qualified medical professional who follows the instructions laid down by Dr. Simeons, so yes, the hcg diet works. However, I personally recommend the sublingual HCG diet (HCG drops under the tongue), as for me, sublingual HCG diet is much safer, and to be honest, I don’t like needles.

And for the diet… be very careful about even basic condiments like sugar (NO sugar allowed) and milk (ONLY 1 spoon a day allowed) in this lose weight diet, as you need to eat the foods on the list and avoid ones off of the list . HCG diet for weight loss questions may revolve around substitutions in this plan, but there is plenty of room for variety in your protein and your produce.

There is a strict limit on carbohydrates, but that need not keep you from enjoying normal favorites. Create light recipes and substitute lettuce for bread in wraps or meat for potatoes in shish kebabs. Lean chicken is an excellent source of low fat protein and can be broiled, baked or roasted without adding calories.

HCG diet side effects

While the Atkins and South Beach diets tend to leave you tired and sluggish throughout the day, and the Jenny Craig diet requires customers to consume large quantities of water, there are few if any at all HCG diet side effects to speak of, and most of which have been very customer specific.

Other diets due to the low calorie intake can cause you to lose valuable nutrients and vitamins from your body as you lose weight and this will often times bring on cravings for certain foods that can cause you to over eat and regain the weight you have lost.

However, according to Dr. Simeons, with hcg diet injections or hcg drops, anecdotal evidence suggests your body uses your stored fat and does not rob the body of these vitamins and nutrients even with consuming the low calorie diet .